Monday, July 22, 2013

Transfer Day!

Thursday!! it seems so long ago today!  Anywho, Everyone was excited!! today is the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean, we are going to get out of here! OH NO... the tank is Clean!! It is finally HERE!! haha yeah it was pretty awesome. Saying goodbye to Sister Nielsen, Stone, and Simmons was pretty hard. I had spent a wonderful 12 days with them at the MTC and now we were saying goodbye till we meet again. We all Went into the chapel at the stake center where all of our stuff was and all the new missionaries got to say their name and where they were from. then one by one they called our name and announced our new companion and where we were going. when I finally got called to put on the sorting hat to decide where I go and who I go with.... guess who!!??.... Angie knows!!!!! I was put with Sister Richards!!! what are the chances! I got to talk to her on the phone before I left for the MTC and know she is my Trainer!! Ahh!! Anywho we are serving in the Portsmouth Ohio area. and my address is: 1823 - C Dogwood Ridge Rd. Wheelersburg, OH 45694.
It took about an hour to drive here and so far it has been amazing! this area is just booming with people. Only problem is... it's a new area. There is no organization at all, and we had a new district leader who was going to try and split up the area so we wouldn't be stepping on each others toes while we are out here. It has been a crazy few days just trying to get all of the paperwork from the other missionaries filled out and put together, trying to split the area so there was work for us and the other Elders and yeah. As sister Richards says it is not normal the way we have started out. but all is good, all is good.
Fun fact. everyone we meet here keeps asking us why we have come here- it is such a dangerous place and there are terrible people! and every time I just think in my mind... Why are you here then?? yeah people here are a little crazy, but they are all superbly nice. Southern Hospitality it's great.
But yeah I will have to tell you more later. of our ordeals on another occasion. I just wanted to let you know where I was and who I was with. I am in good hands - the Lords... and Sister Richards :)
I love you All!!!
-Sister Call

Hillbilly Hotdogs!  It was pretty good!  Very interesting...very interesting.

The "Outhouse" that is really just another place you can eat in.

Me and my "hotdog" it was a chicken tender with mozzarella cheese sticks on a hot dog bun.  With sauce and stuff.

Funny signs everywhere

You can also eat in a bathtub.

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