Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Allergies + Cold = Let's go Gardening!!

Holla Familia!
This week has been Full of Service! We went to a new investigators house and helped her weed her yard and put mulch down, then she fed us lunch! It was good. She made a strawberry, Rhubarb pie. It was pretty good, super sweet... a little too sweet for me, but it was still good. Gretchen and her husband are an interesting couple. Unfortunately they don't have any kids, they don't really have any siblings. They pretty much are on their own. Which is super sad, but they don't seem to mind chilling by themselves. 
We also Gardened at the Beardsley's. It was pretty interesting, the hill on the side of their house was covered in wild strawberries, and weeds. I have never seen wild strawberries before! they were just tiny.. and they didn't taste very good, but they were still pretty cool! So we helped them plant some Juniper ground cover bushes/things. Hoping that it would kill all of the weeds and just make the hill easy to work with and not have to worry about it. We also went to their house later in the week for a family cookout they had. They rubbed or soaked their meat in Papaya! It made the meat super tender and just would tear apart so easily! it was pretty cool and super good! Really good Mexican cooking. 
We also helped a lady in the ward move houses. She lived in the attic of her Sisters... barn? anywho it was a one room house and it was super crammed. She moved into this really nice big house! A lot of her stuff was in storage containers next to the barn. She had a lot of antique furniture! We were all worried about breaking it, and she was like just push it down the stairs it's sturdy wood! haha! It was fun helping her out. Her hope is that someday the Sister Missionaries will move into her house so she isn't alone. 
We also helped an Elderly couple named the Avery's put cages around their peach trees because the deer were eating them. It was pretty funny. We packed up all of the cages on the trailer and then we pulled out and went up the hill, stopped and unloaded them. It was super funny. We also helped him cut wood for his Son to make a grape vine holder, He used a chainsaw and we picked up and moved the logs. After helping them out with everything they made fresh lemonade - squeezed lemons in water with no sugar. mmmm... while we were drinking our lemonade I noticed a bow on the wall. I was like "oh! Who goes Bow hunting!" and the Brother Avery said he did! So he went and got his arrows and we went and shot it into the hill on the side of the house! SO COOL! haha
We had a dinner appointment with an investigator at a members house this week! I have never done it before, but it was super great! We had dinner with the Olsen's (He is the Chiropractor) and our investigator was Randall. It was pretty funny. When we first got there Brother and Sister Olsen were both wearing a shirt that said "iCrack" (because he is a chiropractor), but if you didn't know that.... It's a really strange shirt to be wearing haha! Randall was super confused and asked pretty hesitantly what it meant. He was still confused even after they told him that they were Chiropractors. It was pretty funny. Brother and Sister are so funny. Their kids are pretty funny too. They were super awesome at helping us teach Randall and being an example of how the Gospel brings happiness to a family. They are such a cute family. 
We also had a pretty awesome dinner with the Jones family. Brother Jones is a Doctor and so we pretty much talked about how Sister Isobe and I were dying. Sister Isobe got like 30 mosquito bites in a few days! and I was super congested and runny nose and I just looked miserable. So he started telling us what we should be doing. They went all out for us. Making sure we were staying alive, and not dying. Sister Jones' Brother is an Allergist and he had us come in to check us out. His name is Brother McBride. He served a mission with Mitt Romney and helped him on his Presidential campaign too! He talked about all of the awesome things that Mitt Romney did/does. and talked about a few other things. But now I can say I know someone who is friends with Mitt Romney! yeah! Then he talked about Allergy stuff, and yeah... we will see what happens. 
Oh and a cute less active family that we saw this week was Jimmy and Rose Neighbors. They are so funny. Well Jimmy is, Rose didn't talk very much. She was super tired from working all day. Jimmy is so funny. He kept saying he was going to try and find something to tease me about, but the only thing he could come up with while we were there was how my foot kept twitching. He was a super cute old guy. When we went to go leave it was about 9:00 and he was like you both get in the car and I'll back you out. How nice :) 
And lastly District Meeting. Very first one we have had. It was strange. The way things are split up in this zone is super confusing. Our District Leader is the YSA missionaries, then we have the Vinton Sisters, and the Elders in Botetourt, and the Sisters from Cave Spring. It's so Random! We learned about having Unity in our teaching. Us alone, we will never be able to help an investigator get to where they need to go. We need to have our companions help and also the companionship of the Holy Ghost. They used as an example a piece of string representing us as individuals, and as we pulled on the string trying to get our "investigator" to move. The string broke. But when we braided together those three strings it made a decently strong rope. (the Elders who were doing the example still broke theirs, we took it as representing Really stubborn investigators haha). The part that was a little strange was the role play. It wasn't bad, but it gave a good example about trying to force the spirit or teaching. It just doesn't work. When you are forced to say or do something it makes it rather hard to do it. There is no spirit when you try and force inspiration or the spirit into things. It was interesting and that is pretty much all I can say about it.
You can't force someone to have a testimony. You can't force someone to become converted to the Gospel. It just doesn't work that way. If it did then where would our agency be? Also when you squeeze people they resist. At least I know I would Resist. It makes you push back. There has to be a desire to learn. A desire to change. A desire to let things go. Of course that is easier said than done. But what can you do about it. 
Well my brain is fried, my lungs are raw, I am tired. But I love it here! YEAH BUDDY! If it doesn't kill me it will only make me stronger!! right? right? haha Well I love you all. Keep up the awesomeness. 
Congrats this weekend Timmy and Chelsie I hope the Wedding goes awesome! 

Sister Karen Call

"The unselfish give of themselves. These may be small gifts of charity that have a grand impact for good: a smile, a handshake, a hug, time spent in listening, a soft word of encouragement, or a gesture of caring. All these acts of kindness can change hearts and lives. When we take advantage of the unlimited opportunities to love and serve our fellowmen, including our spouse and family, our capacity to love God and to serve others will greatly increase."
—Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, May 19, 2014

Princess Phone

Holla Familia, 
This week has been full of adventures. Unfortunately I need to take more pictures!! haha.
Anywho! This Last Monday I attended for the first time what is called: Empty Nesters. All the old people in the ward come to this Old Schoolhouse and several other people from different churches come as well. I have been told so much about it! I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it was going to be awesome. We arrived about 30 minutes late, but the Spiritual thought at the beginning was still going on. Sister Isobe said that the spiritual thoughts usually only last 15 or so minutes. So this was a Really long spiritual thought, and several of the old people had fallen asleep haha. I wish I could recall what the man was talking about... I think it was about family history... and something that someone in his family had done... but he was talking so quietly and mumbling and we came in during the middle/end. That I really didn't have a clue what he was talking about. He talked for a good 50 minutes though. Anywho, they had a potluck after the spiritual thought. The food was super good. Southern Hospitality food. haha. But the part that everyone enjoys about Empty Nesters is the very end. Where they have people come up and play their music. Bluegrass!!! Best Music EVER! There are some members that were there, Gary and Jaquie Ferguson, They sang with some pretty popular people, like Jonny Cash, and other Bluegrass singers and such. They said they couldn't sing... Lies. haha. So when I say the music is the best part, I'm serious! These people are crazy good: Banjo, Basses, Guitar, Some other electric instrument, Singing! They got Sister Isobe to get up and play her Violin. It was super neat. They only hold it once a month, so it is a real treat for missionaries. 

So another cool thing that we did. We have a Chiropractor in the ward: Dr. Olsen, so we go every week to get 'realigned' It is so nice, but it hurts, I think I have gotten more back problems doing it than if I had just let it alone.... anywho, they have this thing called Allergenics laser thingy. That supposedly they run this laser up and down your spine and different spots and it causes your nervous system to not respond to those allergies. So if it works... I no longer have the allergy to 'trees and grass weed' next time I'm going to try 'Domestic Animals' and see if it helps with my allergies at all. The owners of the house that we live in have a dog... and well... It's either that or something else. Maybe I'm allergic to people and I will just be sneezing and having an awesome time forever! :) 

We did a ton of service this week!! We set up an old library for a book sale - lots of dust, lots of interesting books, and we had donuts at the end.. mmm... Southern Hospitality. haha. We also went to an Animal Shelter! They didn't have any dogs... only rabbits, cats, snakes, fish, and birds. Oh and Chinchillas! I didn't even know what Chinchillas were!! I still don't really know what they are... they look like really big field mice mixed with a rabbit... Which is really freaky... I think the word Chinchilla is pretty cool though. Yes I am a dork. Anywho! The best service activity this week: We cleaned up the yard of a less active member. Let me tell yah. have you ever seen hoarder shows... well it wasn't that bad... but there was a ton of stuff! Tons of tools, rusted machinery, shotgun shells, lawn mowers, jacks, tarps, tons of firewood, and poison oak. It was super fun! He also had an old race car! He raced once upon a time but after spending about 10 grand on his car and not getting anything from racing... he decided it was time to give it up. Hopefully we can get him coming out to church, he says the only thing that is keeping him back is that he has so many little jobs that he needs to do, and the only day he has off from work is Sunday. SO he will have no excuse after his yard is clean!
We then went and visited another Less active member named Fred Jr. He is an interesting dude. He doesn't really have a desire to know anything about God or the church or anything. He enjoys talking with us though. He is a really good cook too. He made us Chocolate dipped strawberries. They were super good. 

We had Zone Conference this week. Only one more meeting with President Pitt and then they go home! AAAHHHH! no bueno! he is such an awesome Mission President, but I'm excited for the new Mission President. It's always interesting to see how other people work so perhaps things will just sky rocket! During ZC we practiced talking to people and how we should just get to the point as soon as we can and bear testimony because it is the spirit that is going to testify to people. We also practiced answering questions that people would bring up to us like:
Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?
What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?
and many, many more. We were to answer these questions in 40 seconds or less. It was intense. We did it and then they showed us how we were supposed to respond to the question, or the churches stance on the questions. Things are becoming more and more 'touchy' to talk about, when we need to be bold and straight forward. God does not change. He is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. We may not understand everything that goes on, or why things are the way they are, but God does, and man cannot comprehend all the things that God does. The World is changing. We cannot change with the world. We need to take a firm stand in what we believe, even if it seems to bring us momentary pain, discomfort, unsatisfactory results. A big talk that I strongly suggest everyone to read is "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is a byu speech. But it talks about how "difficult" it is to be a member, and so forth. It's not going to be easy. Life is Hard, but with the Savior our weaknesses can become strengths. We must not give up, we must not give in.

Alright final thing! I have a mama and papa out here in Back Creek. Benita and Alan Ferguson. They are amazing. They have already given me a nickname: Phone. Sister Isobes name is: Princess. So together we are the: Princess Phone. Which supposedly was a "cool" phone back in the day. haha. Since they were reactivated into the church about a year ago by Sister Tuckett and Richards, they have been taking care of, and watching over the missionaries that come into the area. I have never felt so much love from people that I met for the very first time. I was instantly their child. I can't really describe how I felt when I was around them. I was just happy. We shared the Mormon message: Reclaimed with them, and talked about Repentance. 
The part that stuck out to me in Preach my Gospel: "Repentance includes forming a fresh view of God, ourselves, and the world." "The definition of reclaim is “to recall from wrong or improper conduct … to rescue from an undesirable state” It is all about becoming who we know we can be and who God wants us to be. There is always something greater that we can do and be. things we can improve on. It is never too late to start again, there is no such thing with the Atonement, we can always start now. It all starts with a Desire. 

Well I hope everything is going well. Big things are happening back home! and I hope everyone can keep their heads on straight! I love you all. Be good, and don't have too much fun! 

Sister Karen Call

"Whoever you are and wherever you may be, you hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can now imagine. Every day and every hour you can choose to make or keep a covenant with God. Wherever you are on the path to inherit the gift of eternal life, you have the opportunity to show many people the way to greater happiness. When you choose whether to make or keep a covenant with God, you choose whether you will leave an inheritance of hope to those who might follow your example."
—Henry B. Eyring

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Land of Back Creek!

Holla Familia!
So this week was transfers week! CRAZY!! After being in Christiansburg for 6 months I thought I was going to be there the rest of my mission haha. I really liked Christiansburg. I went through a lot there. I went full Circle on experiences. Which I don't suggest, It was like having a mid life crisis, and having an awesome time too. It was weird. yeah... Anywho! I had fun my last few days in Christiansburg It was sad to say a few goodbyes to people, everyone pretty much knew I was leaving. So yeah. 
Transfer day was pretty interesting. I didn't leave Christiansburg until 5ish. We had picked up Sister White earlier that morning, and she waited with us as well until the new Sisters would arrive. Sister White is going to be companions with Sister Stone! I love that girl I came out with her! Sister Maddox's new companion is Sister Vanvakaris! HOLY NAME!! We had never heard of Sister Van... She came out in December. This will be the First time that Sister Maddox is the Senior Companion. Sister Maddox will do just fine. 
Well now about Back Creek!! OH MY GOODNESS it is soooo pretty here! I have heard so much about Back Creek. It is where Sister Richards was trained (for 6 weeks) and she is pretty much a legend out here! Not really sure why, because she was here for only 6 weeks... but I feel it was due to Awesome piano skillz. I have heard so much about the people, area, house, etc! and it is all true!!! EVERYONE in the ward is related... because of like four ancestors. It's insane. So when they say Family Ward, they really mean Family Ward! The Area is small there are like four mountains and the parents live at the bottom and the posterity has built their way up the mountain. The House we live in, Oh my goodness, maybe it is because I was Carpet and Window deprived for 6 months... but this place is beautiful! The View is Spectacular! Windows, Carpets, Trees, OH MY! Every time I look out our window I think of Joseph Smiths First Prayer. Literally the song pops into my mind and everything. Weirdo missionary moment everyday haha. I have just loved Back Creek so far. It just feels so good. 
My new companion is Sister Isobe! She is awesome! she could be like my Little Asian Twin! She is so chill about things and just goes and gets it done! She will probably be leaving me this next transfer because she has been here for a while (this will be her third transfer here) but hey who knows! 
So Mothers Day was FANTASTIC!!! I got to talk to my lovely mother.. well Sort of ;) mostly see them on Skype and talk about how to get it working, but it was still awesome just to see them! and Cindy! yeah! and then we had a Baptism!!! it was such an awesome experience! There are Golden People out in this world. Elect children of God searching for the Gospel. Josie - the one who got baptized. Is an amazing girl! Huge example to all those who are around her. It was such a wonderful experience to ponder and think about baptismal covenants. 

Well I love you all and I hope you are having a great day! 
Sister Call

"A mother can exert an influence unequaled by any other person in any other relationship. By the power of her example and teaching, her sons learn to respect womanhood and to incorporate discipline and high moral standards in their own lives. Her daughters learn to cultivate their own virtue and to stand up for what is right, again and again, however unpopular. A mother’s love and high expectations lead her children to act responsibly without excuses, to be serious about education and personal development, and to make ongoing contributions to the well-being of all around them."

—D. Todd Christofferson

Friday, May 9, 2014

Falling Asleep Near Gethsemane

Holla Familia!
This week has been pretty good. Last Monday we went out to lunch with Laura- she is a lady we have been helping clean her house getting ready to move, she is a friend of a member in the ward. She brought us to a place called Lefty's It was pretty good. There were a bunch of pictures in the restaurant and they were all of people who were left handed, and the person who started up Lefty's is left handed as well... how crazy is that. haha
We also helped Sister Hendricks with the Primary School Carnival Fundraiser, she was having a hard time finding Volunteers to come and help out. Lots of members in the church stepped up to help out. Sister Maddox and I got to man the ticket booth for two hours. That was fun! We got to see a lot of people! so it was perfect on trying to get our name out there. The only down side... Half my body got sunburned, Ouch. It wasn't that bad, but I looked pretty funny haha. 
We also had Exchanges with the Blacksburg Sisters. I went with Sister Richards to Blacksburg and Sister Whitaker went to Christiansburg with Sister Maddox. Sister Richards told me to study about the Atonement to teach to a less-active family, the Crows, that we were going to go and see. I have been feeling a little down about things for a little while and have tried to rekindle, and this week I have learned a lot of things. I think it all started off at this lesson. I didn't really contribute much in the lesson, but I did talk a little about the Garden of Gethsemane. How a lot of churches focus so much on the cross, how his suffering and death was there. But in all reality thousands of other people during that time were crucified, Peter was crucified. That pain that was felt on the cross was not unique it was not the ultimate pain. It was during the Garden of Gethsemane. I read a few days earlier, I can't remember where right now, but about the pain that was felt in Gethsemane. That it wasn't just the Physical pain that he felt, but the excruciating Mental pain. Physical pain can be remedied and cured (most of the time), but Mental,Emotional, and Spiritual pain is not so easy. The feeling of Everyone's pains.  The Heartbreaks, fear, sorrow, depression, anger, doubt, and etc. Everything we have felt. Similar to the Spirit - It is said to be as a Still Small Voice, something you could say was a "physical hearing", but as Nephi speaks to his brethren about how the Spirit spoke to them "but they were past feeling". Christ suffered Physically, but he suffered Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual pain even more. Thinking about how his apostles were just a stones cast away, and they fell asleep. I just thought at that moment how we can be asleep to the blessing of the Saviors sacrifice for us. We didn't know that it was happening, didn't see it, didn't feel it. But it Happened, and even though we may be "asleep" to the reality that he made an infinite sacrifice for us, it is still there for us when we finally "wake up" and realize. and just as his apostles fell asleep several times. We too can fall asleep over and over again, but we continually wake up as well. Eventually that sleep will not come to us anymore. 
This thought also went with a talk that the Blacksburg sisters sent, "Converted Unto the Lord" by Elder Bednar. The difference between our Testimony and Conversion. Staying awake is that extra oil we put into our lamps, that conversion that we have. and there was a quote in it that I really liked and really stuck with me: 
"Were the five wise virgins selfish and unwilling to share, or were they indicating correctly that the oil of conversion cannot be borrowed? Can the spiritual strength that results from consistent obedience to the commandments be given to another person? Can the knowledge obtained through diligent study and pondering of the scriptures be conveyed to one who is in need? Can the peace the gospel brings to a faithful Latter-day Saint be transferred to an individual experiencing adversity or great challenge? The clear answer to each of these questions is no."
We can't have a desire to stay awake if there isn't that conversion. I think the difference between a Testimony and Conversion is desire. Testimony is what we say we believe in, and as we have a Desire to become what we believe in, that is when it becomes a Conversion. When we believe and desire to become and live and do as the Savior taught. 
I keep falling asleep. But as I learn more, and share more, my desire to stay awake grows. 
This week has been a real time of Pondering for me. I have a lot to do, and a lot to let go. A lot to remember. 
It was also a difficult week because Transfers is tomorrow, and I am leaving. I found out Yesterday that I was leaving. After being here for 6 Months... I guess it was time. I will be headed to Back Creek Virginia and my new companion is Sister Isobe!! I did exchanges with her in Ohio a really long time ago haha. AND guess what! Sister Richards is going to Vinton Virginia and she will be my STL again with Sister Canova! AH! I love Sister Richards and Canova! They are probably the two awesomest Sister Missionaries I know. I'm super excited. 
I hope all is going well with everyone back home! 
Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you Heal well, and that the Garden and Boat get taken care of ;)
I love you all! Strive Constantly to live a more Christlike life! 

Sister Karen Call


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walk With Me In the Rain

Holla Familia,
Lots of interesting things happened this week.
We started off the week having dinner with Stake President Averett and his family and the Elders at a little Restaurant called Alejandro's - the food gave me brain fever/ made me really not feel to great. But the Averett family is awesome! They are so Missionary minded and they are going out and doing things. Their kids are so funny. They have three girls and three boys. The girls are all like little mothers to the younger brothers, it's kinda funny to watch them chase after their brothers and tell them to be quiet and such. Anywho, President Averett shared an awesome thought from D&C 100 3-8
 3  Behold, and lo, I have much people in this place, in the regions round about; and an effectual door shall be opened in the regions round about in this eastern land.
 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls.
 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;
 For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say.
 But a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall declare whatsoever thing ye declare in my name, in solemnity of heart, in the spirit of meekness, in all things.
 And I give unto you this promise, that inasmuch as ye do this the Holy Ghost shall be shed forth in bearing record unto all things whatsoever ye shall say.
To start off we are in the Eastern land :) so the door has been opened for us. But his main focus on these scriptures was vs 7. Whatsoever thing ye declare in my name. When we declare something in Christs name, or state something with His name we invite the Spirit into what we are talking about. We are promising something - and if it isn't something that he would promise we wouldn't be able to promise it. It just wouldn't be possible. We are representatives of the Lord, and we have that authority and power to do all things, but sometimes we don't realize how much power and how much the Lord is putting into our hands. It was super cool.
So we brought our car into the shop this last Tuesday to get the dent fixed in our car from hitting a mailbox. It was such a silly thing to get fixed, but we had too. So we were without a car again for 3 days. AHHH!!! Lots of walking and tracting, but this time we were more bold about asking people for rides to places. So it wasn't that bad. We didn't get hit walking across the highway either. It was fun, I always enjoy walking... well if we were in a walking area. unfortunately we are in a relatively busy area that needs a car. but we survived. The Sisters did a Blitz with us in our area. Sister Whittaker and Maddox went in the car and Sister Richard and I were together - Sister Richards and I were able to talk about a few things. I'm just going to say how grateful I am to have Sister Richards as my STL and in my District and especially at this time on my mission. She is pretty awesome, just sayin. Anywho it was good.
We helped three families move this week! It was Crazy! The Reams family is moving out of the ward. The Smiths moved a few miles from their other house. And a new family moved into the Ward in Huckleberry Court. We helped clean the houses, and pack things up. The new family was a last minute thing so only the missionaries were there to help them move in. So we got to stay in normal clothes ALL day long because they all moved pretty much on the same day. So we were out helping from 9 till 6 or 7ish. It was crazy, but so much fun. It was good to get some energy out.
This week we tracted for 3 hours straight. because we had no investigators, and Elder Guthrie promised us that if we were diligent and did all that we could and prayed for the opportunity to meet people to teach. Well tracting was fun, we met some pretty cool people, but none of them were interested. After three hours of finding nothing. It was difficult. but after tracting, the Hallows gave us a ride to the car repair shop to pick up our car! So we decided to go and try some more "distant places". We went and tried a referral that we got. The Referral was this: There is a family just up the hill that have a really cute dog, they have a st. mary in their front yard so I think they are pretty religious, you should go try them. Sooo we did. I was a little worried when we first got there because we introduced ourselves and said that we had a message about Christ, and she was like "Come on in!" When people say that it is either one of two things: They are going to bash on you or they are Elect. In our case they were pretty Elect. Their names are Mary and Rob. They are looking for something more in their lives and they knew some Mormons that used to be their neighbors. They also asked some awesome questions. I was so happy to finally have someone! So we had a really good talk with them for about an hour or two, thus making us late for our dinner appointment with the Passics. Sister Passic called us like 5 times while we were talking with Mary and Rob, because she thought we still didn't have a car and that we were dead or lost trying to cross the highway. We felt so bad we made her worry so. but we found 2 new people!! yeah!!
Another thing we went to this weekend was "Love After Marriage" a fireside that the Passics were asked to speak at. The ward was encouraged to invite their friends... but no one did, so we were awkwardly there. It was still super good though haha. I kinda was putting it into perspective of having roommates/ a companion. Brother Passic started off talking about Independence and One-ness. you need each other, but at times it is good to have time on our own. The best way to have one-ness is having a relationship with God, it will last longer and it will give us a common goal to go towards in a marriage. As we Love the Lord, all will be well. We just need to Trust Him. Then Sister Passic talked about Communication - good and positive. We need to (1) Listen to each other. (2) Discuss challenges openly and calmly (3) Communicate openly and positively. We need to avoid getting angry or offended. They then talked about how we need to treat each other the way we want to be treated: courtesy, respect, and with Equality.     The next thing was that you need to tell each other that you Love Each Other Everyday. Your spouse, your parents, etc. There is "Assuming" that they know and "Telling" them. All of these things are important, and we all need to choose and desire to have this better life. Sometimes it requires us to change "Who we are" but "the Lord loves us just they way we are, but he loves us to much to let us stay that way". During this fireside I was thinking back on my roommates and on my previous companions. Thinking about what worked and what didn't and giving it another perspective.
It has been a pretty good week, lots of different things happened.
I loves you all, keep up the good work, be good, Live, Laugh, Love.
Sister Karen Call
"Your Heavenly Father knows that you will make mistakes. He knows that you will stumble—perhaps many times. This saddens Him, but He loves you. He does not wish to break your spirit. On the contrary, He desires that you rise up and become the person you were designed to be." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf