Monday, August 5, 2013

No Better Way to End Than With a Trip to the Hospital

So this week has been pretty crazy, in a good and bad way :)
So on Tuesday Sister Richards and I went to an Investigators house for our second Lesson with them their names are Andrew, John (or J, or Jason, or whatever it changes to in the future), and CC . Last week we had set up an appointment and everything for 1 o'clock. We get there and knock on the door... and no one answers... Soooo we knock again. and we hear somebody slowly coming to the door. The door opens and there is this man who wasn't at the house last week. He asked us what we wanted and we asked if Andrew, John, or CC was home, and he was like "*grunt* let me go see." he turns around and says "CC the door is for you" It was funny. So CC comes to the door in her PJ's and she invites us in. When we walked in I gagged a little - it smelled like... I don't know what drugs smell like but my guess would be that... Marihuana Brownies.  Yum. Anywho, I probably would have passed out or something if we stayed very long in the house - so we asked if we could teach her outside because it was a nice day. So we went outside and we were able to teach her the entire Plan of Salvation. It was much easier just teaching her because when Andrew and John were there it was more of a let me tell you about my life and what I believe and random stories that would bounce off of random words. It was great to hear all of their stories but we don't have much time.  When it was just CC it was nice because she wasn't very talkative and would listen and we would ask her a question and she would answer and she would insert what she believed once in a while. CC is kind hearted and has a desire to learn more about Jesus and everything, but she is not all there. We finished our lesson and left her with another reading assignment.
After meeting with CC we went and tried to meet with Less Actives in the ward and without fail the address either didn't exist, they were sick, or they were Baptist and had always been Baptist... ha,ha or they would do the Peak around the curtains thing and pretend we weren't there. It was great. Anywho, we tried to meet up with Brooke a lady we met with last week. When we got there and had knocked on the door an old lady answered it. She looked at us and said "She Ain’t interested to nothing you all have to say. We Ain't interested go away."   We asked if we could talk to her, but the lady laughed/grunted/not really sure and slammed the door on our face (it was a screen/plastic door so it wasn't very effective on slamming).  We weren't really sure if that meant she was going to go get her or not... so we stood there for a moment when another man came up from the side of the house asking us who we were looking for. We told him that we wanted to talk to Brooke and he said he would go and get her. As soon as he went inside there was a lot of chatter inside the house.  He came back and said that she was sleeping. Sad Face. Sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. Well we will try again!  Until we hear from her that she is not interested... which we may never be able to see her again... so I'm not really sure how that will work out.
For dinner we went to Amanda's house. Amanda is a Less Active member who found Sister Richards and I in Wal-mart. She came up to us and said, “This must be a sign or something having you here.” She wanted us to come to her house and teach her husband and children. So we gave her a call earlier in the week and set up a dinner appointment. When we got there it was in  the ‘hood’ of Portsmouth, but the people seemed fairly weird and relatively nice. So it wasn't that bad, but still super Sketch. When we got there she opened the door and let us in and told us that dinner wasn't quite ready so we would have to wait a bit. We met her husband, Michael and her sons. They were all quiet and didn't say much so we were mostly asking questions trying to find out more about them. Oh there is one notable thing about the people here. They have TONS of animals. Each of the houses has at least a cat or dog. In this particular house there was a dog and like 4 cats. Most of the animals are strays that people find and just take home... so no one has really paid for animals down here. I haven't had any problems with Allergies toward them so I'm wondering if I'm not allergic to them... then again I am very careful not to get my hands anywhere near my face after touching them... Anywho, back to dinner. She made us Potato Cheese Soup.  That was basically all that was in the soup. Potatoes and Cheese. I laughed a little as Sister Richards watched in horror as she put around 3 lbs of cheese into the soup. It was very Chhheese. The Soup kinda reminded me of Velveeta melted with potato chunks in it. I thought it was pretty good. Ha,ha. She also made us Peanut Butter bars and they were super good too.  After we ate Michael sat down in front of us and we started our lesson on the Restoration. He just kind of sat there listening not really asking any questions or making any comments so we had to remember to stop and ask him what he thought so far and what he was learning. He seemed pretty open to it.  He grew up with Religion but he never really went to church or anything. So it was easier.  He just kinda soaked everything in. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we gave Amanda a book, and we challenged them to Read and pray together as a family every day whenever they had time. They committed to do it, and Amanda said she would like to start up FHE again. We were like Sweet! I'm not sure how everything will work out and all but it is great that she wants to get back involved with the Church. We soon left and headed back home.  We were planning on teaching Shauna, another investigator in Dogwood Apt, and commit her to baptism again, but we ended up just talking about all of her fears and what she was confused with and why she got cold feet last time.
On Wednesday, the last day of the Month, we had several miles left to use so we decided to go as far as we could while we still had them. We went to Minford and were going to go to South Webster. We had a list of people who lived in Minford and we went down the list trying to find all of them. Most of the places once again did not exist, or they weren't home. But we did meet a lady named Laura.  She has been inactive for about 15 years. When we showed up at her door she just laughed and let us in. She was super funny and kept laughing. Very light hearted and spoke her mind which was wonderful! we can answer peoples concerns when we actually know what they are! She told us that she never got the hammer on the head, that “Ah-ha” moment that the Gospel was true. I asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon and she said ‘no’. So I gave her one and said "Here is the Hammer you have been looking for." She laughed and smacked herself on the head with it. She is a crazy lady. She then asked us if somebody had sent us, and we said no. She laughed and said she had met a lady a few days earlier who knew who she was and said that she needed to go back to church.. ha,ha it's a sign!!! Anywho, she was super open and listened to everything we had to share - she loves missionaries.
After we talked with Laura we tried to get a hold of the Melinda who lives in South Webster, but she told us that they were just leaving and wouldn't be home and to try the next day. The next day no one answered the phone so we weren't able to do it then either. We will have to call and make sure they are home because we have a set number of miles we can go and they live pretty far out. Hopefully we can catch them some time. Funny thing is the Elders actually gave us her husband Russel to call, because they had met him and he had given them his number. I thought that was interesting. That we had been given his number, and that his wife is a Less Active.
Anywho, since we couldn't get a hold of them we headed back and talked to a few people at Dogwood.
On Friday, Sister Richards and I had the opportunity of talking with the Browns for a bit. They are a wealthier family, but they were super spiritual. The Brother Brown can come off a little cold, but that is just the way he looks and sounds. He is actually super nice. Sister Brown is such a funny little lady and she is soo sweet. They reminded me of home because they had a garden with Corn, Tomatoes, Peas, and such. Sister Brown was talking about Genealogy/ Family History.
This Saturday we had a meeting with the Bishop at his house. He served us breakfast and we talked about all of the plans for this area. On how much we all needed to do to get the Missionary work going. His plan is to first Strengthen the Ward and get things running and moving in order. Then after that he wants to reach out to the 'Fence sitters' who if you just push them they will come back to church. and then we will work on the people who are sitting in the field on the other side of the 'Fence'. The Ward really needs strength. We won't be able to get more missionaries into the area until the ward is strong enough to be able to hold us all. Oh and just so you guys know the ward boundaries are about 2 hours. So, when I say that driving to church can be a burden.. I'm not joking. We have to drive 30 minutes to get to church. Thankfully church is at 10am so most people can make it.
Okey, so you are probably wondering after all of that long shpeal why I said there was No Better Way to End Then With a Trip to the Hospital... so, yesterday, Sunday, we had two of our investigators come to church with us. Shauna and CC. Sister Cox (the bishops wife) was kind enough to pick them up for us. CC was running a bit late so it made them all a bit late for church, because it takes 30 minutes to get to church. you can't leave late. It just doesn't work that way. Anywho, They got to church and everything and we greeted them and sat down. Yesterday as you know was Fast and Testimony meeting sooo everybody was getting up and bearing their testimonies. CC decided that she wanted to bear her testimony too. So Sister Richards brought her up there and she shared what she believed about Jesus. She has an extreme under bite so it was/is a little hard to understand her sometimes. but it was short, sweet, and simple. After that we went to Gospel Principles and had our lesson on being Idle and that we needed to get moving both spiritually and physically. We then went to Relief Society and it was all going good when CC told us that she was feeling dizzy. She then told us that on Wednesday she had slipped, fallen, and hit her head on her coffee table and that she had a concussion. In my mind I'm like WHAT?!? She was still having headaches and stuff from that, but she seemed to be doing fine. When we tried to take her back to the car her legs gave out from beneath her, and she is quite a larger young lady... and trying to hold her up was very difficult. They got her a chair and asked her if she would like a blessing. She accepted. Then Brother Sherman who is a Doctor checked her out and said that it would be best if we took her to the Hospital because he didn't know the degree of what her concussion actually was. So, We took her to the Hospital and got everything checked out. All turned out good in the end, but for me I knowing a little bit about how hospitals and medical things work and about asking the certain questions. How important it is to tell them EVERYTHING?  It is just like repentance. You don't just recognize the main thing that is happening, you see all of the 'signs and symptoms' of sinning and not doing what is right. You have to give/ recognize all of the details of what could be causing the problem. Then you fix those small problems, because they will help make the large problem smaller. Doctors, Teachers, Bishops, Faith, Repentance, the Savior. They are all there to help us out when we use them and tell them all of the important things. We can’t leave something out just because we don't think it is important. because sometimes the 'small and simple' sins cause the biggest problems.

well I love you all and I pray for you. Be good, brush your teeth, eat healthy food, read your scriptures and pray. And don't forget that you are a Child of God and that he loves you more than anything and that he is more than willing to forgive you, you just need to remember to forgive yourself.

Love Ya

Sister Karen Call

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