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Sister Wives -- Are You Married?

Holla Everybody
To start off - People here are interesting, but I think it's funny how so many people don't really know that much about anything - and for some individuals I mean anything! My favorite comments and questions that we got from basically everyone randomly:

"Soo... are you girls married?"

"Have you seen Sister Wives? Are you Polygamist?"

Yeah... That gets old really quick when you answer the same question all day long. Anywho I thought I would just start off with that..
So on Monday this last week we had Zone P-day. Sister Richards and I had driven and met up with the Ashland sisters so we could save a few miles. but the reason my last email was so skimpy was because I had left everything in the car and we were now with Sister Boldrin and Sister Gray at the Library writing our emails and such. Anywho Zone P-day. many people in our Zone came to spend time together and get to know each other a little better. Only about 20 missionaries showed up. We spent our P-day up in Huntington at a Park - we played Ultimate Frisbee and had hamburgers and hotdogs. Oh and there are two Elders who are super good at making wonderfully delicious desserts and snacks. Lets just say that 'dessert' was the first thing that we ate haha. The people in my zone are pretty awesome. There are three elders that were with me in the MTC who are in my zone: Elders Labrum, Lane, and Carter. Sister Richards and I work with Elder Williams and Elder Carter a lot because they are in the same area as us. Anywho, there is a Sister Herzog who is someday going to be the Disney Princess Snow White... or on Broadway. She can creepily do all of the impersonations that the Disney characters do. It's not really creepy, it just was when you aren't really expecting it and she comes up and says "Apple? No thanks? It's Good. Oh Ok" (From Enchanted the Chipmunk) It was pretty impressive. We talked back and forth for a moment. Me doing Stitch voice and her doing What ever character popped into her head. Yeah it was great. After a while Sister Gray said that they needed to leave because they had an appointment that they had to get too, thus we left P-day a little early to head home. I have a pretty amazing zone they are so diligent, funny, and light hearted that they can get along with basically anyone. I'm still working on being funny and getting along with crazy people.

Tuesday: We have an investigator whose name is Summer (35) and we have taught her the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the first half of the Gospel. We decided to show her the Restoration video of Joseph Smith and Finish the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As she watched she was really into it, but she kept yelling at her kids and telling them to be quiet and respectful, that it was a little hard. At the end she asked what the Gold Plates were and what the trials that Joseph Smith had gone through. It was a really touching moment when she realized all that Joseph Smith had given up and done to restore this gospel to the earth. That he didn't just lose his life, but he lost children, he lost his home several times, he lost friends, he was beaten, he was martyred. That no one, No one, would go through all of that for a lie. He could not deny what he had seen or heard. He gave up his life to make sure that this gospel was restored to the earth. It was pretty great.
We also talked with CC (or Sid)(26) again. We taught her the Law of Chastity this time. It was hard because of her living situation. She lives with 3 males (one of them is her cousin) and two other females. She Physically and Mentally can not live on her own. When we shared with her that she could not be baptized until she was able to live the Law of Chastity she broke down. She probably cried for 10 or so minutes as we tried to calm her and console her on what she could do, but I'm not sure how much of it she got. A little background on CC - she has Mytonic Dystrophy so that is the reason she physically and Mentally cannot live without other people. But for the most part her Self determination and self-worth is super low. She doesn't believe she can do anything without the help of others. It is super difficult and super depressing to see that no matter what we do we can't help out her living situation. Happily and Sadly we found out a few days ago that everyone was moving out of CC's house. I feel for CC because she has been disowned by her family because she wasn't able to take care of herself and they were getting tired of taking care of her. and now the people she was living with were moving out and I don't think they have any intention of coming back. It's a difficult and hard situation.
Later in the Evening we went to dinner with the Cox's at a local restaurant/buffet and talked about how we are and could continue pushing forward missionary work. After Dinner we went home and met up with Sis Cooper and headed to a Less Active womens house named Polly (80's) Sister Richards and Gray had talked to her and her daughter Vikki the week before during exchanges and Vikki wanted to know more - so we were hoping that Vikki would be there when we went to visit, but Polly's phone had been out all day so she wasn't able to contact Vikki. So we just talked to Polly about the Atonement and how we all make mistakes and other things in our lives but through his Atonement we could get through anything. We asked her what the Atonement was and what it meant to her. She didn't know what it was, and if you don't know what it is how can you apply it to your life. It is sad to see that a lot of Less Actives are that way because they don't know anything about the Gospel. They were once taught but then fell away because no one was willing to teach what they needed to learn in a simplified matter. With everything that we teach we start at the beginning, because we don't know how much the person already knows or what little detail they have missed that could really shake their testimony down the road. After Polly we went to go and see Jaylene (30's). Funny thing is, Sister Cooper knew who Jaylene was already. Jaylene once was married to Sister Coopers Nephew. Sister Cooper was a little worried that Jaylene would not take her presence very well and that she would stop seeing us if she went with us. We didn't feel that way and asked her to continue along with us. When we approached Jaylene she turned around and was quite shocked to see sis Cooper. Later after we had finished our lesson with Jaylene she told us that she was looking for a sign to know if she should continue moving forward and when she turned around and saw sis Cooper she knew it was the right thing to do.

Wednesday: we watched Jonny lingo with the Young Women and taught them about self-worth and how they are all important in God's Eyes.

Thursday: we ran around trying to find a piano today for sister Richards to record a piano piece on. She was doing it for one of her Previous investigators who was getting baptized on Sunday. The first place we went was Sister Sherman. She was so open and willing to let us use her computer... but she was missing one of the most important keys for the song 'Redeemer' the key was F# so Sister Sherman called Sister Mortensen and asked if we could come and use her piano. so in the End everything worked out and we were able to record it.. the part that didn't work out so well was finding a way to get it to them. it was too late to send them the memory card, and it was to large to send in an email, sooo we were at a loss for that.
We were scheduled to have FHE with the Ivy's so we decided to go and eat at Sister's Dairy Bar. Funny I know. We were like 'we are the Sister's!!!' Everyone just kinda looked at us weird, but the food was good and the shakes were awesome. FHE was interesting. The Ivy's are an interesting group. It's a bunch of Kids who are being taken care of by their Grandparents. and the Grandparents are very strict and discipline. so it was a little awkward at some points but for the most part the lesson went really well.

Friday: we helped Summer and her sister Sara with their Yard sale, and we gave them a microwave we had and we told them that the money they made on it they could use to get to church :) We are sneaky. For dinner we went to Sis Nelson's and her son solved our problem on how we would get the video to sister Richard’s past investigator: YouTube!! He did it for us, because we are not allowed to do anything with YouTube so it was wonderful that he was electronically inclined and knew what he was doing.

Well I got to head out. Remember to Pray, Read your Scriptures, and go to Church. Love all those who are around you.The only way you can make your day or someone elses day brighter is if you do something with your day. Staying inside and expecting someone else to do it for you will not work. So go out and be awesome!

Love yah all!!

Sister Karen Call

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