Monday, September 16, 2013

"I Told Him If He Didn't Sign it, I Would Punch His Face In"

Holla Familia!!!
This week has been pretty great. I am sooo tired right now you have no idea! My eyes be twitching and everything! There has been so much to do and such little time I wish the days were longer so we could get everything we needed to done. We have been working like crazy with our investigator Shawna (Shauna, I found out it was spelt with a w this week) to make sure that she was completely ready for baptism. Because Baptism is a big commitment and we don't want just any joe shmoe. We don't Baptize people just to Baptize. They have to live the Purpose. They need to have Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repent continually of their Sins, be Baptized, Receive the Holy Ghost; AND Endure to the END!! That means forever and ever! Not just on weekends, or holidays, or all throughout May. Every single day! We are taking upon us the name of Christ and promising to be an example, standing in his place. How stressful would that be?!?! But it shouldn't be. If you are living your life in a righteous way, then it should just come. But if something is tugging at the back of our minds telling us that we need to do something differently... we should probably listen.
This past Tuesday we went and spoke to CC. We found out that she was going to be evicted soon, and that she needed to be out by Friday. We had no idea what to do for her, there really isn't anything we could do for her. We had already given her so much advice, and kept teaching her lessons and encouraging her to become more independent. I don't know what will happen.
On a Lighter note, We went and visited Lucy! It was so good. We watched the Restoration with her. She really enjoyed it because it reminded her of how she grew up and the nature shots she kept saying 'look how peaceful it is!' haha It went really well. Then we got off topic and started talking about the world and the bad things that were happening. Somehow I was able to bring it back to the Book of Mormon, and How Awesome it is. Lucy said that she had read it a few times and it was interesting but she didn't really understand it. She would flip it open to a random spot and read. I would be confused to if I read the Book of Mormon the first time like that. I read the promise that if she read the Book of Mormon, and that she pondered and prayed about it that she would get her answer. I also added that with pondering about it we can't read the Book of Mormon like it is another book. It isn't just a book that we read on weekends. It is the words of Prophets that will help lead and guide us through our lives if we apply what they are teaching. This light turned on in Lucy and she was like "That is what I'm doing wrong! I'm reading it like I would read my other books, just to get knowledge out of it. I need to read this book, and get the spiritual guidance out of it." YES! Lucy is progressing so well. She answers her own questions most of the time, and she actually asks questions when she doesn't understand something! Gold Star!
Tuesday night was the last night that we talked with Shawna as well. She works on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and her interview was on Friday and her baptism on Saturday. So this was really the make it or break it week for her. We told her that we needed the paper with the consent of her husband by Thursday Evening. She said she would do it. Later, she texted us saying that she had gotten the consent. We asked her what she had said to her husband and she said: "I told him if he didn't sign it, I would punch his face in." Sister Richards and I laughed... and then thought, we aren't really sure if she is kidding or not! We call her Sassy Shawna because she makes Sassy comments all of the time, so it didn't surprise us when she texted us that... but we hope she didn't really say that to her husband... but that would be funny.
On Wednesday we went to lunch with Sister Southworth and Sister Little. It was interesting talking to Sister Southworth. She is a single woman, and she recently got home about a year ago from her mission in England. She told us how much she missed her mission and how she was depressed for such a long time because she wasn't able to do what really made her happy all of the time. She said it was super hard because she wanted to continue doing all of the studying and everything that she did on her mission, but she had a job she had other things to do now and it made her sad also to see the ward and how it struggled so. The ward is a good ward, but there isn't really a missionary fire set here. They are all good where they are. Sister Southworth is a wonderful lady who takes all of the Investigators and less active members under her wing and tries to get them to come back to church. That is the reason Sister Little started coming back to church. Sister Little was baptized 4 years ago, but as soon as her missionaries left no one was really there to support her as a new member. Sister Southworth was the only one who really talked to her, she was her only support to help her through the hard part at the beginning. It is sad to see how many people are left as soon as they become a member because they don't feel like they belong, they don't know the "Mormon slang" They don't know what they are supposed to be doing, because no one really bothered to show them. So that is what we are working on, getting all of our converts and investigators a firm foundation so that the ward can grow!
Anywho, We went to the Church that night for Young Women's and so that Elder Williams and Sister Richards could practice the song that Shawna wanted sung at her Baptism. It isn't appropriate for during the baptism, but they said that they would play it after the Baptism in the Relief Society room. It is called "I will Rise" It doesn't have all of the instrumental parts and such so it was definitely more reverent than it was before. Elder Williams has a nice voice and Sister Richards is awesome at the Piano - She can play it by sight! Any song! The first time she played it, she played the whole thing with little to no mistakes! My goodness I wish I was that good at the piano, maybe someday.
On Thursday we set up an appointment to go and see Lucy, with the Coopers. Brother and Sister Cooper are both converts to the Church. Brother Cooper knew about the church for about 35 years before he joined. We wanted them to come and share their conversion stories, and we also asked Brother Cooper if he would explain the Priesthood to Lucy. We can explain Priesthood, but sometimes it is easier to hear it from someone who actually holds it and knows all of the details about it. When we got to Lucy's it was awesome how she initiated everything. She asked When and Why the Coopers joined the Church. Then she asked What the Priesthood was and why it was important! It was so great! She is getting closer and closer!
Friday was a really, really, really weird day. No one, and I mean NO ONE was home! We knocked on basically every persons door! It was so strange. The streets were empty, we thought there was a parade or something going on that we didn't know about. I guess everyone works and all the kids are at school from 1-3pm. so it was interesting. We finally stopped at the Ivy's and talked to Bonnie. She has been going through such a hard time. She told us how she used to live in a huge house, and earned this much money, and her kids were relatively decent. But then everything turned for the worse, Troy (her husband) got cancer, they had to move from their house, they retired from their job, her kids stole all their money and became drug addicts, and now she was stuck with all of the grandkids. Everything was just bearing down on her. And she told us that she couldn't do it anymore. We taught her the importance of prayer, and when we pray that we need to ask specific questions, and that we shouldn't wait till God tells us what we should do. I said that our life is kinda like a car. We have to start it, and put it into drive before God can help guide us on which way we should go. She thanked us for the words of encouragement, and said that she would have to work on it. She is a Great lady, and I hope everything goes well.
After talking with Bonnie, we went to Sister Lyons house. Shawna asked if Sister Lyons could sing at her baptism because she has an amazing voice. Sister Lyons is an awesome lady. She has two little girls. It was fun to talk to her about her little girls because they remind me of my cute little nieces and nephews. There aren't very many little kids in the ward, but there are a lot compared to the Youth. Anywho, we had dinner with Sister Lyons and then we headed to the Church to Practice the song I Know that My Redeemer Lives. Sister Lyons really does have an awesome voice.
After Practicing the Song for a while we had our District Meeting and talked about the Christlike Attributes that we wanted to work on to become a better missionary and person in general. THEN came the Time!! Shawna arrived at the church with Sister Sherman. Shawna went with Elder Morgan (our zone leader) for the interview. We were so excited, nervous, and everything. This was it! We would know after this if Shawna was ready to be Baptized. We talked with Sister Sherman in the hall about Shawna's life and how much she could do. All of her potential! Shawna came out of the room and said "I passed!" It was so exciting to see her so happy and enthusiastic. Now it was just waiting till tomorrow.
Saturday: Shawna's Baptism.
I have never been to a Baptism for a convert before. I have only been to my Nephews and Nieces. So I had no idea what to expect or anything. I knew what was happening, but I am just so used to just 'family' Baptisms. Where our family is the ones who conduct it and everything. So it was neat to see the Ward step up and do the things to make this day a special day for Shawna. We were able to get Shawna's daughter Mariah to come and watch her baptism. I said the Opening prayer, Elder Carter gave the talk on Baptism, Sister Sherman gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, Sister Richards played the piano, Elder Williams conducted, and Sister Woodard said the closing prayer. It was exciting to watch the actual baptism. Shawna has been telling us all week the only thing that she was worried about was her hair getting wet. As she was baptized, the first thing that she said when she came out of the water was "Don't look, my hair is wet!" Oh Shawna... haha. We asked her how she felt and it was neat to hear her say "I feel so clean, I feel so good!" Everything went so well, and it was so exciting to watch! My first Baptism!! The Musical Numbers went great; she was so excited to hear Elder Williams and sister Richards play 'I Will Rise' she loved it so much.
On Sunday she was given the Holy Ghost and Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So Proud.

This week has been so great. It had it's ups and downs. It's left and rights. but I am so excited that I learned so much this week. and I know what real tired feels like :)
I hope everything is going well with everyone. I Love you all.

Sister Karen Call


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