Monday, December 2, 2013

I Do Freaking Hard Things!! Cachow!!

Holla Familia!!
I need to work on getting things done in time! I don't have much time to write cause it is timed!! I have never had this before!! Anywho!! Christiansburg is pretty awesome. It is really pretty and very nice!  The members are awesome as well!! So things have been pretty crazy and I found out I am having a hard time balancing everything out from being doubled in and training! But I love Sister Thomson she is pretty awesome. I have learned a ton from teaching her!!! Hopefully she is learning stuff :) So I will get straight to the points that were interesting this week!!!
Thanksgiving! We had two meal appointments. The first was with Bro and Sis Self! They are interesting... very interesting... Their family all came together. They are an interesting bunch. Several of them are in the police force; Brother Self was a chicken farmer. Like really a chicken farmer!! well.. he genetically did stuff to them so that they would lay more eggs, and get bigger and all of that fun stuff. Anywho, He has two daughters and a son. One of his daughters is a body builder, and she continually made interesting comments throughout dinner... such as I know this because I went to college... I just laughed and nodded my head. Don't argue with Body Builders.. even if they don't really look like they are a body builder. Anywho, The other daughter had brought her boyfriend with her. He was a Catholic Jew??? anywho He asked us a few questions about the factual stuff about the Mormon religion.... Then Brother Self did something very... well not very happy in the eyes of a missionary. HE brought up the most negative examples of members of the church! like a senator that is a democrat that is doing not very good things, but he is a member. HE just brought up several... well interesting people. But hey The guy knows a little more about Mormons... very little more. XD IT was an interesting meeting with the Self’s. HE kept telling us about all the days that he 'bent the rules' as a missionary. Ahh!!! *tear* oh well. I just told Sister Thomson not to listen to anything they said, and she agreed that it was a weird experience not to be repeated hopefully ever again. After the Self’s we went over to the Burningham’s! Now the Burninghams are pretty awesome!! They had invited the Skinner’s over as well. They are younger families in the ward so they were easier to relate with and they are going to school here. It was a lot of fun to be at their place. After we ate dinner and talked for a while Bro Burningham said "Time to play Army men!!" So that was pretty interesting. We got a bucket of Army men and we set them up all over the floor. Then it was us Missionaries (Elders and Sisters) against the Burningham’s and Skinner’s. We used rubber bands to shoot the army men down.   Whoever knocked all of the army men down won. I'll just say the Missionaries totally rocked it and won!  It was a pretty fun and uplifting experience after the Self’s (ha,ha. )
On Friday we had a Special Sister Meeting. All of the Sisters in the Southern Half of the mission got together and President and Sister Pitt had a meeting with us. They went over D&C 103:36 and emphasized the words Victory and Glory. That Victory was toward the kingdom of God; toward eternal life. and as long as we know that He knows us, and loves us. Our steps toward Victory will become easier.
They also emphasized that a successful missionary is measured primarily by our commitment. Wanting hearts to change. That Discouragement on a mission can turn into Depression. When we fall down we need to get back up and laugh about it! We need to have Laughter, Ponder and Pray, and do Service, We need to Celebrate the small victories, we need to do something else if things aren't' working. That when we work, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Because we naturally compare, criticize and complain.
Never become a victim of circumstances.  You can control it by your Faith!   We can call down miracles! A lack of faith is what leads us to despair. We are meant to Do Things That Are Hard To Do!
President Pitt talked about how Sisters and Elders are different. Men and Women are different. That women are the crowning Jewel. that we are the most important thing, We were created last. WE have the blessing and opportunity of loving and opening the hearts of people. Even if we don't have children we still naturally mother those who need help. We don't need the priesthood to save people. We are just awesome that way and do everything with the power we already have.
The message that we learned that day was very important for me and Sister Thomson. There is a lot that Sister Thomson and I work on. But she is awesome. WE have pretty deep conversations in the evening that have really opened my eyes to certain things and have solidified my love and understanding of this gospel and how much God loves me and everyone around me!

Well Family I got to go, Stay Classy, Share the Gospel and Love ALL!!!

Sister Karen Call!!

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