Monday, November 25, 2013

The Land of Christiansburg

Holla Familia!
So Transfers were pretty interesting. I never realized how long it would take! It took us 2 hours to drive to Sissenville, West Virginia and then the meeting took about three hours. So that was intense. I didn't even notice where the new missionaries were sitting! IT was crazy.  Sister Stone was there.  She was in the MTC with me. She will be taking my spot back in Wheelersburg. She is a great Sister so I am glad she is taking my spot with Sister Gray. Wheelersburg is in good hands. Anywho, back to transfers, Sister Isobe turned to me and asked "So, who do you think you will be training?"   She pointed to the front. I looked up there, and I could only see the back of their heads and I was like, "I don't know. I can only see the back of their heads, but If I had to guess I would choose the one on the end who has straight hair." Sister Isobe agreed with me. She thought I would train her too. So then the Intense moment came. All of the missionaries stood in the front.  They were called one by one and assigned their companion and where they were going. I think my heart was going probably two billion miles per hour. I don't feel completely a 100% ready to train but hey things are going to go well. I can just feel it. Anywho, I heard the name of my area, and then the name of my new companion... Her name is... Sister Thomson!! YAY!! She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. She is 19 and just barely turned 19. She came straight out of high school! How crazy is that!!! anywho. I went up and gave probably one of the most awkward hugs in my life; not going to lie it was pretty awkward.  It felt like an awkward hug. Anywho, we went and sat back down.    Yeah, a few more speakers spoke and we went outside got our stuff packed into the trailer carrying all of our stuff, hopped on the South Train (it's a van) and headed to Virginia. It was nice in the train because I got to sit next to Sister Lytle. She was being transferred as well to a new area. So I had at least one person I knew sitting in the same car as me. The ride was super long. about 3 hours I think. But it was alright.
Well, as for the area I just moved into: The first things we did was meet the Bishop. HE IS AWESOME!!! This ward is AWESOME!! I don't even know how to describe them! I'm trying to figure everything out right now being doubled into an area, and training.
Well, I'm running out of time for today, and don't have much to say. But I will hopefully get more to you later. Peace Out!!
Sister Call

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