Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spiritual Strength Makes You Physically Stronger

Holla Familia!
It's been an interesting week. Transfers are tomorrow so there is always that anxiety of wondering who is going to be transferred and who is going to stay and so forth. Well, I am staying in Christiansburg for another transfer! Sister Wines is being transferred to Milton WV and she is becoming an STL (Sister Training Leader). I have been to Milton before, and there isn't really anything out there... there is a Pizza Hut. I remember that. But it was interesting because we got a text from President Pitt for Sister Wines to give him a call, and I just knew at that moment that I would be staying in Christiansburg. You always get worried or excited when President calls.  He is either calling you to tell you something awesome, or something sad... So far only awesome calls.
Ha,ha. But I'm excited for transfers. I love working with different missionaries, and learning their stories and how they interact with others. So hopefully this next transfer will go well!
This week we had a Zone P-day.  We all got together at the church and played Chair soccer... Well I was the only Sister who played, and in the process of playing I broke my Big Toenail right in half. It hurt. After that we played Volleyball, and I'm just going to say our zone is half and half. Half are athletic and the other half have never really played a sport in their life. So it was really funny to watch. Oh and at this P-day activity I accidentally Dropped Sister Wines on her head... I have discovered as you become more Spiritually strong you become physically strong as well! And Well... doing dance moves of picking people up and spinning them doesn't work out too well when you have never done it before... and when your companion keeps running and jumping on you to get you to do it right... we tried three times and then I dropped her.... so I guess three times isn't really the charm. I felt so bad too... but she just kept laughing. So I don't know.. ha, ha.
So we had an interesting experience talking to a few of our investigators. They brought up an article that they had read earlier in the week about Mormon's having their own planet after we die. SWEET!!! How come I don't know about this!!?! Oh, wait... that's cause we don't get our own planet. Darn. So we didn't really know what they were talking about.. so we talked about the Plan of Salvation and about the Spirit World, and it seemed to answer their question about us Mormon's having our own planet. Who knows.
We got to talk to another Lady named Lynn!  We met her son last week... and I can't remember if I wrote about him or not, but to put it simply he was a wee bit high when we talked with him and really crazy, but he knew his Bible really well. He wasn't very nice, but Lynn is awesome! While we talked with her, she told us that someday she will join the church, but she wants things to settle down a little before she does that. In my mind I was like "Sweet!! wait what?.. you do realize that life never slows down when we want it too..." So yeah, but she is really awesome and we are excited to talk to her some more!
We were also able to see Tiffany this week and Sister Bowser came with us. I was having a really hard time during the lesson trying to focus and teach simply, so it was really rocky for a while. But, Sister Bowser is awesome!! She got right down to the point of things. She addressed prayer and talked about it. Tiffany has never really prayed in her life, and she didn't know if we said memorized prayers or how they work so Sister Bowser described prayer to her, and then Sister Bowser committed her to Pray!!! Sister Bowser is an awesome missionary! I can't really describe very well how the lesson went, but all I can say is that I am so grateful for Ward members who are spiritually prepared and willing to help. They make this work move forward!!
Sister Isla and her husband got to go to the North Carolina temple this Weekend!!! They have been saving up for weeks to go, and She was worried that they weren't going to be able to go again because money was tight again. But they made the extra push to go out there. I am so grateful for Temples, and I am so grateful that in Utah we had so many temples nearby. I am so sad that I did not take advantage of how close the temple was and that I could walk to it if I wanted too! It's a four hour drive from Christiansburg to the Temple. That is a lot of money for Gas, and for food if you don't pack something to eat. So I definitely want to take advantage of the temple when I get home, and I hope you guys take the advantage of it while you have it so close. I know it's bad to be thinking of this right now, but when I get home the first thing I want to do is go to the Temple! So take note Mamma! Right off plane --> into temple.
Speaking of the Temple. There is a man named William that we try and see about every week. He has been less active since I got here. His family life has just gone down hill, and he hasn't done anything to fix it. He hasn't tried to do anything. He had a goal in mind at the beginning.  He wanted to go to be sealed to his wife. But He lost hope as the World started to consume him. Oh, funny thing His wife's name was Hope. So as soon as he lost Hope he really lost hope. It's hard to talk to him about hope because he always thinks we are referring to his wife... so yeah. But he has been going down hill - drinking, chewing, not reading or praying. This last time we talked with him we laid down the law. "William, you need to keep the commandments in order for God to start talking to you. He will not talk to an Unclean vessel. You need to Live the Word of Wisdom and you need to come to church! and you need to get back onto that goal because you have not accomplished it yet!" So we got him on the phone with a member, and he asked them to come and pick him up for church the next day, and HE CAME!! YEAH! and he brought is roommate!! so yeah! hopefully he keeps coming. I think it was a good day for him to come, because they talked all about getting ready to go to the temple.
I had an amazing Spiritual Experience this week. I received a blessing from Brother Passic a member in the ward. I have no way to describe it .  I cannot describe it. I will only say that Priesthood Blessings are amazing. They should not be abused or used for unrighteous reasons, but we should inquire of a blessing as much as we can. We not receive guidance in our lives, but we also help our fellow men remain and strive to be worthy to give blessings. If you are lost, or don't know what to do - seek for a Priesthood Blessing from someone you trust. Look into their eyes, and you will know if they are the one you must ask for a blessing.
Well, I love you all and I hope all goes well.
Spiritual Strength makes you Physically Stronger. If you put the Lord first he will make sure the things that are important to you can be accomplished. You will Run and not be Weary.

Sister Karen Call

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