Monday, July 7, 2014

My Little Ginger Friend

Sent 6/23/2014
Holla Familia!
I'm here in Bedford with my lovely little Ginger friend Sister Nielsen! We have been rocking it out here. So far so good! Of course I have only been here, what, four days? I love Bedford It is much like Back Creek only we have less miles for our car and not as many gravel roads. It's wonderful. I decided that if I ever got a Ford 2013 it would need to be in the west where there aren't so many hills or places you can scrape the bottom of the car... Because these puppies are low riders and it's terrible!
Anywho, I got to spend transfer day with Sister Larkin in Cave Spring because her companion wasn't coming until the return train back. Sister Reed came with the first drop off early in the morning at 6ish. I love waking up super early, it's my favorite thing in the world. Sister Reed is pretty cool, this will be her third transfer in the mission so Sister Isobe is Greenie breaking! She has never trained or greenie breaked before. So that will be fun.
I had an awesome day with Sister Larkin she is such a fun missionary to be with. She talks super fast and she has a really good gospel knowledge. The awesome thing about her is she Loves talking to people, she is the ultimate ITL'er She just does it. It blew my mind! I guess that is something I need to work on, not freaking out so much about talking to people and giving them a card. It was a lovely 98 degrees + humidity = death. We tracted for like 30 min. I thought I was going to die, but a lot of cool things happened. We were able to contact a less active that we didn't have any records for, and we were able to get a hold of a few other people. It was super neat. The last thing we did together was talk to this Less Active member who was trying to come back from the deep end. He was a pretty interesting dude. I have never had an experience like him on my mission. He knows. He knows there is a Devil and he Knows there is a God. He talked about how earlier in his life when he was about 14 he had studied all religions, including Satanics. I have never felt so weird talking to someone. I felt very uncomfortable at the very beginning, because he kept saying how he was going to be cast into Outer Darkness because he knew that God was real. I finally had enough and told him that the only way he would continue to deny the Holy Ghost as he thinks he has is that he would continually go down that path that he is heading. If he chose not to follow the commandments of God that he knew, then he would be denying God. Because he knows God exists and if he knows he exists then he knows he needs to follow his Will. The one thing that kept running through my mind the entire time was: he may know that God for sure exists, but he does not know the Atonement. The Cleansing power, or the Strengthening power that comes from it. If he knew the love of God and then denied that, that would be something different. But he has never felt the love of God in his life, and he is afraid of changing or what he has done. He feels hopeless. No one should feel that way. If you know God is real, and you have a sure witness then why do you not do his Will? You Know! Do His Will.
It was a really interesting, eye opening, experience. I have never ever met someone so far in my life who has had the experience he has had, and to see the pain that he had. We need to realize that God knows all things and man cannot comprehend them all. We need to continually learn, but if we hinder our progression because we think we have destroyed our chances then we do not understand the Atonement. With Christ's Atonement we can always start again. It is never too late.
After that we went to the Stake center to get our new companions. Sister Larkin is now serving with Sister Williams (who just came from Portsmouth!). Sister Larkin old companion Sister Michie was just transferred there that morning! AH where my mission began! There were a lot of people that Sister Richards and I told her to see how they were doing.
I got Sister Francis and we drove the car that Sister Thomson and Curtis had left that morning, and we drove it back up to Bedford. Yeah!! Party of people who have no idea where they are going! Unite! Haha luckily they warned me beforehand and I had left my GPS out of my bag so we could easily find the place. It was a good hour drive! We didn't get to Bedford till about 9pm.
So it was a long, long day. A really good long day.
Well so far things have been awesome with Sister Nielsen and I. It's like we have been companions before or something! We have really good teaching Unity already and we have only been together for four days! so hopefully that continues on forever. Because I sure enjoy it. She is so fun to be with. I went from Awesome Sister Isobe to Awesome Sister Nielsen! It's perfect!
Crazy thing for this up coming week! We are getting our new Mission President and President Pitt will be leaving us! AHHHH!!! Time has just flown by! I'm going to miss President Pitt and Sister Pitt. They were wonderful! I can't wait to go and meet them in Utah! I also can't wait for the new Mission President! President Salisbury. Like Salisbury Steaks!!! YUM! haha
Well I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. Keep working hard. Love the Lord, Love yo Neighbor, and Love yourself.
Sister Call
"When we are tempted to do things we should not do, let us listen to the loving warning of trusted family and friends, our beloved prophet, and always the Savior."
~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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