Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Been a Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

Holla Familia!!!
Tomorrow is Transfers and that is why my email is late! Guess what!!! I'm being Transferred! How weird is that!! I have only been here in Back Creek for 6 weeks and I'm leaving! This will be Sister Isobe's 4th Transfer in Back Creek. She doesn't mind she could stay here for the rest of her mission. I wouldn't mind staying in Back Creek either, it is a beautiful place. So awesome. But the place I am headed to is not to far away, in fact it is still in the zone. I am headed to Bedford Virginia. Which is just about an hour east of where I am now, I think. ha ha. 
So this past week has been one full of fun! On Monday we had Empty Nesters! which I got to attend twice!! for being here only one transfer that is pretty good. It was super fun, Bluegrass, and I actually did some flat footing. ha ha yeah... I love Empty Nesters it is so fun, just a time to get together with friends and family, spiritual thought, eating, playing music, and dancing.Can't get any better than that. 
On Tuesday we went and saw a less active sister named Lynn. We helped her paint her patio furniture and her picnic table. Well, we spray painted her patio furniture! It was awesome!! Spray painting is hard, I have a whole new respect for Graffiti artists. I wasn't to bad at it, maybe I should be a Graffiti artist someday... Well... maybe not. Lynn is a hoot! She is so funny, she can just talk and talk and talk! Maybe my life just isn't that exciting, because I don't' think I could just talk without someone talking back, but hey we didn't mind. Besides we were eating papa john's pizza with her. It was good. 
We had Specialized Training and Exchanges this week. Which I think made this week super fun. It's not everyday that we get to see President Pitt and Sister Pitt. So it was a real treat. It is the last time I will see them till I get off my mission. They will be leaving June 30 and that is when the new mission President kicks in. It's strange to be excited and nervous at the same time. That anticipation of the unknown, but I know he is going to be good. Do you know what is weird though... the Mission President's wife is a few years older than Jon. My oldest brother 0.o werd. 
Yeah, It was interesting. We practiced teaching our investigators how to pray, and also how to prepare our investigators for anti. We also learned about planning. So many things learned, and it went by so quickly. 
I'm going to miss President and Sister Pitt. They are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and they have helped me out with a lot of things. I'm sad that they will be leaving, but I am happy for new beginnings, I love meeting new people, It is not a goodbye forever but a momentary departure until I can see them again. They have touched the lives of all us missionaries. Do you know what is strange that I didn't know? They can't come to the mission for three years, and they can't talk to or send messages to any of the missionaries for three years (unless they get off their mission). I didn't know that! I guess it makes sense so that there aren't any problems with missionaries seeking advice from President Pitt or anything. It's just hard to think that we have to wait till our missions are over to ever hear from him. 
For Exchanges, I went with Sister Canova to Vinton. I always love going on exchanges. Seeing new places, how other missionaries work and everything. Sister Canova is an awesome missionary! She and Sister Richards are both staying in Vinton this transfer so they will be my STL's again! This will be Sister Canova's last transfer before she goes home. Sister Canova is bomb at planning! I want to be like her when I grow up! ha ha. Anywho, it was neat to be with her, we had a few miracles and such happen. For example: After dinner we were planning on going to an investigators house with a member, but because it was sunny the member wasn't able to come out with us (because her kids had sports), So we were talking about how we wouldn't be able to get our member present, and then we get a text from the lady we were going to go and see and she asked if we could change the appointment to Saturday and we did. So we were getting ready to plan on what we were going to do because our plans had fallen through. Then the phone buzzed and we had received a voice message. It was from their Investigator Dorthy, that we had just seen earlier that day (the lesson was really good and she told us how excited she was for baptism), in the message she asked if it was too late to back out and not get baptized. It was quite a shock! We had no idea what had happened. But we know that everything fell through that evening because Dorthy needed to talk to us. It was a neat experience. Dorthy wasn't baptized this weekend, but hopefully it will work out in the near future when she is more prepared. 
When things need to happen, God prepares a way. 
Speaking of making things possible. we helped a less active member cut down his Ash tree a few days ago and have been helping him stack and clean it up! (We didn't cut it down, he did with a chain saw, it was awesome. TIMBER!!!) It was so hot. It was definitely a Bright Sunshiny Day to be working outside. But it was worth it, because they came to church!! YAY! I also got to practice my Javelin throw too! 
Well I am excited for Transfers tomorrow! I'm excited to go to Bedford and serve with Sister Nielsen again! She was my MTC companion! she is one awesome crazy sister. So hopefully all will go well with transfers and such! 
Congrats Julie on the new Baby!! He looks like a cutie!! :D 
I Love you all, and I hope you are having a great week as well as an awesome spring/summer! Also, sorry for my random train of thought!! Ha ha!

Sister Karen Call

"Let us be awake and not be weary of well-doing, for we “are laying the foundation of a great work,” even preparing for the return of the Savior. Brethren, when we add the light of our example as a witness to the beauty and power of restored truth, we will not sleep through the Restoration."
~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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