Monday, November 4, 2013

Heartbreak and Joy

Hola Familia!
This week has definitely had it's ups and downs. We had a good talk with Shawna, and she has definitely done a 360 in her spiritual life. Her last question she asked us was "Is Joseph Smith a murderer?" we told her ‘no’. She said, “ Ok, I will only move forward from here and trust you guys.” So that is nice. She has been really trying to understand the scriptures. She loves the bible and we are getting her warmed up to the Book of Mormon, because she doesn't understand why it is so different then the Bible. She'll get there. Shawna has really worked on trying to make things better this week, so it's nice to see her moving forward again.
We also talked to Jaylene this week, she sent us a text saying that she couldn't do it, she can't be like us, and that she felt restricted and it doesn't make her happy. She respects us and loves me to death. She told Sister Gray to not be so Pushy. I'm not exactly sure why she thinks Sister Gray is pushy...but it was really hard to hear. We went over to talk to her, and we caught her just as she was leaving to throw things away so she invited us in. It was a little awkward because a few seconds after we came in her neighbor Ronda came in as well. Ronda is very anti-mormon. Jaylene again told us that she couldn't live like us and didn't want us to feel bad, she did try. I asked her what she tried. Then Ronda put her two cents in: Jaylene really loves her coffee and she can't live without it. Jaylene didn't really say anything on what she tried to do. I feel that the main reason she can't do it is because of the influence of her neighbors around her. She can't take or say no to the peer pressure around her. I don't want to give up on her, but she won't answer our texts or answer the door. So I'm just praying that we can catch her outside one of these days. but it is getting cold and people go outside less. So I'm just praying for an opportunity!!
During Exchanges a week or so ago we ran into a lady named Elizabeth. We were able to talk to her again this week. She kept telling us that she had memory and brain problems, but she had a lot of questions about the bible. She asked a lot of good questions, like the scripture in 2 Cor on women being silent because the law says so. She also asked us about the third heaven which is mentioned in 2 Cor12:2. I'm not a hundred percent sure if it is referring to the Telestial World. But that was a good segway into the plan of salvation. She had a lot of questions about the Spirit world and such. We gave her a Book of Mormon, The Restoration, and the Plan of Salvation to go over. She may not have a very good memory, but she may be one way into talking to a lot of people. So hopefully things go well with her and we can keep coming back.
Our ward had a fun Trunk or Treat activity on Wednesday as well. I was surprised when Jaylene showed up. We had invited her and so had another member in the ward to come. She didn't respond back to us, but she did to the member saying that she would do her best to come. So she came. She was a little awkward at the party, but her kids had fun. It was a good activity. Not a lot of members invited their friends, but there were quite a few people there so it was good. The kids had really awesome costumes, and the members had us, the missionaries, do the judging of the costumes. Way to make us the bad guys - who crush little children's dreams.    There were a ton of activities to do in the Church. We did the donut eating  on a string (we raced against the Elders... I lost... I eat to slow haha). Sis Cox was dressed up as a fortune teller and was telling fortunes. She told me I was going to be married in a beautiful building, and I was going to have five kids, and that I was going to be very successful.... hmmm.. my fortune sounded like the previous five peoples fortunes as well. Ha, ha. Anywho she made it really fun. She was a very startling teller. She would randomly yell/scream in the middle of her sentence. I also checked two more things off my bucket list!! Well the first is obvious: I went to a Trunk or Treat party. The Second was: Bobbing for apples. I bobbed for an apple - first time in my life! It is really gross if you think about it, and I was thinking about it the entire time as I prepared myself to do it. Eww... Lets just say I got the apple on the first try. Some of the members got a picture of it. I wish I had gotten one as well but I did not. Halloween is weird here. They had a set time for Trick or Treating, which makes sense because this area is super sketch.  So the kids could go out between 5:30 and 7:30. Two hours to get it done! Definitely would have to hit the most populated area (or the nicest area). We were wondering what we were going to do during Halloween, but a member invited us over for dinner during it so it was perfect.
Something interesting also happened, so while I was on exchanges with Sister Herzog on Friday everything seemed to be falling through, but we had a set dinner appointment with the Lyons in our ward. Low and Behold Sister Herzog knew Sister Lyons sister! They live in Utah. So that was interesting. So they had a fun time talking about her sister and all of the stuff that they were doing. We shared a Mormon message with them on the miracle of our bodies by Elder Nielson.     After dinner I didn't really have anything planned out to do, and all of our back up plans we had already tried and they were busy... so I was like ok lets try the Stevens. It's night time, maybe they will be home. This was an  idea because they don't really live very close by. It took us 30 min, to drive there. Well when we got there Melinda opened the door and she invited us in! So that was cool, and then randomly Meighan was there too. I was super confused because BYU is going right now and she was home. She was randomly there for a sewing competition, she would only be her for this weekend. So that was a random kawinkadink. But still cool.
Exciting news for this week! Shane and Rhonda are getting married! They announced it last Friday that they were just going to get married without Shane's mothers permission. The Wedding will be on Thursday at 7pm. Shane is pretty excited because he said that all he needs to do is get married, and quit smoking and he can be baptized and receive the Priesthood. Once he is married it will be a lot easier for him to quit smoking. They are also looking for a new house to move into, because his mom is kicking them out. So that is exciting. In a random sad but exciting kinda way. They are taking huge steps to improve their lives and I am so happy for them!!! WEDDISM!!!

So this week has been pretty interesting. Lots of random things happening, but hey! That's What makes MISSIONS AWESOME!!!
Random thing that I thought of this week: I have all that I need waiting back home, I don't know what it is, or what I've got that's missing from all the people out here. They walk around with eyes glazed over, Searching for something better. But with eyes half closed and minds unopened. They can't see the joy in front of them.

I loves you ALL, and I hope this week goes well and things are awesome, and that you guys all know that you are all awesome, and yeah!

Sister Karen Call

 One of these pictures is a view from the Bishop's house over the Ohio River.  The rest are just random.

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