Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jaylene and Jordan's Baptism!! =D

Letter sent to Karen and her companion:

I just wanted to thank you Sisters. You really made an impact in her life. She loves you both to death. She has been happier than I have ever seen her. The baptism went very well. Jaylene and Jordan are so special. I will forever be grateful to be part of their lives. I am humbled that I had the opportunity to teach them I love them both so much. They will be faithful members of the church. In Jordan's confirmation it was stated that he would be an example to his family and that through him, many people would come to the knowledge of the Gospel. We went and saw them later that day. Jaylene said that her mother had ripped her to pieces because Jaylene went through with the baptism. She said that it had hurt her badly and made her very sad. But the next day (Sunday) as she was being confirmed she said she felt a warmth run through her and she received a peaceful feeling and felt like everything would be fine. She and Jordan are both much happier than ever before. You can see it in their faces and you can see it by how they've changed their lives. Thank you for introducing them to the gospel. You planted the seed, we harvested. We couldn't have done it without you!

Love, Sister Stone

From Karen:
"Jaylene and Jordan were the first people I taught on my mission and that's why that picture is important to me :) The Sister Missionaries in the Picture with Jaylene are Sister Stone (blond) and Sister Williams. " 

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