Monday, June 9, 2014

Mountain Flowers

Holla Familia!!!
This week has been pretty great! I just want to say Thanks to my wonderful family for all of the Birthday wishes and such!!! They made me laugh, and they were all wonderful.
Anywho, this week in the work was pretty great. We saw several Less-active members. One that stuck out the most was a lady named Wendy. She looks like a cross between Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore.. I think that is their names... haha. Anywho, We have been trying to get a hold of her for several weeks and we finally saw her this week! She is awesome! She is sooo funny. Anywho, we have been wanting to do service for her helping her clean up her mountain, but we had never really seen how much of a mess it was... So let me restate that: Her Mountain! we went to her backyard and looked at what she meant by cleaning up her mountain. lets just say I could see about 3 miles down the mountain and it was covered in garbage. Everything you can imagine was down there, from dolls, coke bottles, tv's, bikes, to probably dead people. It is all covered. So we hope to be able to set up a service activity with the Youth and the members in the ward to come and help her clean up. The thing that popped into my mind while we were talking to her was the Youth Mormon Message "Reclaimed" I hope we will be able to help her, because that is one of the big thing that her and her non-member husband worry about right now. It would also give us a lot of brownie points with them :)   Anywho she also gave us this stuff that is supposed to be "The Cure to Cancer" pretty much. Asea I think it was called... I think it is only made out of Distilled Water and sodium chloride or something like that... She claims it has magical healing properties... well... maybe... I can't exactly find that out right now. but it is pretty good at taking the itch out of mosquito bites... for a while..
Another neat experience we had this week! we had a referral from a member to go and try a lady who had just moved in down the street. When we went and met her she told us that she had been raised going to the Mormon church but had never joined, and that she had a lot of questions and would like us to come and talk to her more! Her name is Erin! She is such a neat lady. She even came to church this last Sunday! We helped her clean her house a little while we were there because things were all over the place from just moving in. So that was a good opportunity we had to serve. She is so cool. that's pretty much all I can say. 
We also had an awesome lesson with a part-member family. We had a Young Woman, Ariana, in the ward come with us and we taught the Plan of Salvation. Ariana is such an awesome example, and she is super mature for her age. She is 14 but everyone thinks she is 18 or in college. She is such a sweet heart as well and she can pretty much instantly make friends with anyone she wants too. She also has a stellar solid testimony! Anywho, The lesson was super fun! We used there computer and the paint app thingy, and we drew out the plan of salvation. I think that was the most they have ever paid attention so closely, it was awesome!
We also saw Mary this week, she says she is ready for Baptism when we are! haha! YEAH!!! We told her that she needs to keep the word of wisdom and come to church and then she can! She asked how long she had to quit drinking coffee for, and I told her for the rest of your life, and she was said "Alright, I can do that. I haven't had one today, so far so good." YEAH!!! haha. she is such a funny lady.
So it was my Birthday this week, and I got to "celebrate" my birthday with one of the coolest members ever! Quena Alarcon! She bought a cake and put candles on it and she and Sister Isobe sang Happy Birthday. It was pretty awesome haha. I felt so loved. I am so grateful I have family and friends to make my day bright and to watch out for me.
But yeah it's been a good week. Lots of small miracles, lots of funny moments. and I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time in this place.
I hope you are having a great week! Stay Awesome!
Sister Call
"Day after day, on your path toward your eternal destiny, increase your faith. Proclaim your faith! Let your faith show!"
~Russell M. Nelson
Pic 1: Birthday cake!
Pic 2: Survival Kit!!
Pic 3: $6000 - oh my...

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