Monday, August 11, 2014

Live A Little Better Today Than We Did Yesterday

Holla Familia!
This week has been pretty good. To start off, the investigators we have seen this week and how I felt they went down. We went and saw Donald with Sister Poe. It was an alright lesson, we were jumping around a lot, we talked again about Priesthood and how it was important to have that authority to baptize but It just didn't click with him. Sister Poe used to be Catholic so she bore a very powerful testimony on the importance of the Priesthood and how she knew that this was the true church. Two things that bothered me during the lesson was: We asked him if he had any questions in his life that he had never had answered or what he was looking for. He told us that he didn't have any questions and he wasn't really looking for anything. That, to me, showed that he isn't really interested in looking for truth. He doesn't think he is missing anything and he doesn't really want to change because he feels he is fine where he is at. Of course, perhaps he just couldn't think of anything at that moment - it happens to the best of us. But, The other thing that bothered me was that during the lesson his phone rang and he went and answered it. I may be reading it wrong, but to me and to most people, it shows a lack of interest and disrespect for those who are talking to you or sharing something very important; going and answering the phone wasn't all that bad, the bad part was that it was his Preacher from his Methodist church... haha, just our luck. And he told Donald that they were going to come and fix his mothers roof and his pipes, and they couldn't wait to see him at church this Sunday.... Soo Donald didn't come to church because his preacher invited him already. BOO.
We also saw Tony and Christine. We only saw Tony momentarily, He has been super busy working. But we had a good talk with Christine. It was mostly her asking us questions and us answering them. We talked about the importance of Prophets. We definitely will need to address that topic again especially with Tony, because he walked in at that moment as we were talking about why Joseph Smith was important, and He said 'Oh Him.' in a rather interesting and rude tone. So we will have to see.
We finally met with Patty and Paul! They are really sweet people. Paul is not a member and he has some really good potential and is slowly gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon as he reads it. We just need to commit him to the lessons and being serious about following Jesus Christ. Patty just has a hard time being in crowds and such. Patty is sooo sweet. While we were there she pulled out her crocheting stuff. She had a whole bunch of things. Mostly little kid outfits that she had made and little shoes. She also had a lot hats that were pretty cool. Then she pulled out some house slippers that she had crochet. She said that every missionary got a pair!! SWEET! hand crochet house slippers! haha I felt really cool and loved :)
 Another family we met were the Hatches. They moved here a year or so ago from Utah. They are a really cool family, the first time we met them they let us right in and fed us dinner! They say they have been just super busy with work and stuff and that when they do go to church they want to go as a family. It's just really hard to see how the action of not going to church has led them into several bad habits. They have started drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol. All very popular normal things in West Virginia. But they aren't to the church, and it's amazing what happens when we stop doing the things we are supposed to be doing, and our testimony weakens in another spot. The devil sure does know where to hit to make it count.
We had Zone Meeting this week. It was pretty cool, learning once again about the Why, how, and what in a new perspective. It reminded me to refocus and remember why I do certain things and why I don't do other things. It was a pretty good meeting overall.
So a few sweet miracles and tender mercies of this week! We were able to find the house of a Referral that was given to us, and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and to come back this week. It was cool because the road he lives on doesn't exist on GPS's and you can't even see it from the main road, and we got really.... interesting... directions on how to get to it. So it was really cool when we were able to find the house. On the same day we tried another street (which we found out no one lived on because it was a nursery/child care place) but there was a lady there who had a member of the church that used to work for her, and she had also gone to the Grafton Branch when it was open out there. It was funny when she brought up the Grafton Branch, because we invited her to come to church and she looked at us and said "so you call it a church? I thought you guys used some different word for it, or something" Sister Curtis and I were a little confused for a moment and then realized that "Ohhh, a Branch? that just means it's smaller than a regular size congregation. We definitely call them churches" It was pretty funny.  So it was pretty cool to meet her! She even said if we needed a job we could come back and work for her! haha.
After that and a few streets down we met another lady named Sarah. Who invited us right in and talked with us. We shared the importance of the Book of Mormon and talked with her for a while. She had talked to missionaries before and had a Book of Mormon downstairs. She said that she had read some of it and that it didn't really go with what she believed or what the Bible said.... But we kept bearing testimony of it and sharing scriptures from the Book of Mormon and the Bible and she said she would give the Book of Mormon another try, and that we could come back in a few weeks and follow up with what she read. So that was really cool.
So something that stuck out to me the most this week. Live a little better today than we did yesterday. With learning about Why we do things in the Gospel during Zone Meeting, and also something that the Hatches said;(I can't remember what they said exactly) "In Utah, we don't really live like Christians." I thought this was an interesting thing to say, but I could see where he was coming from. We don't all vocally thank or praise God for all of the blessings that we have like people out here do. We don't express out loud how we saw the hand of the Lord in our day. We don't talk about Christ and how he affects our every action. Now, I would say that the people in Utah are Christian. They live a Christ like life by being kind and giving service and doing. But sometimes we need to be more Vocal about it. Acknowledging the hand of the Lord in our life. Making it a more common thing to say vocally what blessings the Lord has given us.
Anywho! I love all of you and I hope you are all having a great week! School starts soon! Yay! that means everyone comes home from Summer Vacations finally! haha. More people home. Not so happy for kids and students :) Well! Live, Laugh, Love!
Sister Karen Call

"Giving [others] confidence in your love can help them develop faith in God’s love. Then through your loving, thoughtful communication, their lives will be blessed by your sharing lessons you have learned, experiences you have had, and principles you have followed to find solutions to your own struggles. Show your sincere interest in their well-being; then share your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ."
    ~Richard G. Scott

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