Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tracted All Day, Didn't Find Anyone

Holla Familia!
So this week was an interesting one! We tracted, and tracted a little more, and we didn't find anyone. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? Well ok, we did find a few potentials. So hopefully they will turn into something awesome.It's just been a really interesting week for me.
But this week wasn't as bad as I made it sound. A few really cool things did happen this week.
We had Zone Conference this week, first one with President Salisbury. He blew it right out of the water! I really enjoyed it. The thing that stuck out most to me in the meeting was His challenge for an Experiment of Faith. It is a new thing we are doing with our members. So I guess you can apply it to you: Watch a Mormon Message, or Read the Scriptures. Think about how This Message applies to you, and how the Gospel has blessed you in your life. Then Experiment of Faith. Ponder about someone you think could benefit from the message you just had or from the message of the Restored Gospel. First few people that come to mind, write them down. Then Ponder about why these people came to mind, and then think of how you could share the Gospel with them.      Now Sending the Missionaries over, is a good idea. But do you know what an even better idea is? Inviting the person you thought of over to your house or going and visiting them yourself. Because which one is more likely to happen - you a friend goes to their house and asks to come in, or missionaries who are complete strangers asking to come in. All signs point to the friend is allowed in the door. Now you are probably wondering what to do next. Well what we learned, and perhaps the easiest and simplest way, is to state the obvious. "Hey Jenny, I was watching this short spiritual clip last night about things that matter most. I was thinking about people who mattered most to me and you came to mind. So I know that sounds really weird and cheesy, but I have just been thinking about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been such a huge blessing in my life. It has brought me a lot of peace, comfort, and guidance. and since you came to mind when I thought of the Gospel, I just wanted to ask you if you would be interested in learning about it."      
Stating the Obvious is the best. It may be awkward, it may be strange... But hey. YOU ASKED! Which moves me onto another train of thought. We had a lesson in Relief Society yesterday it was on the talk of "Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration" By Elder Uchtdorf. The Three things that keep us back from sharing the gospel. selfishness, addictions, and competing priorities. One part of it that really stuck out to me was under addictions:
Addictions often begin subtly. Addictions are thin threads of repeated action that weave themselves into thick bonds of habit. Negative habits have the potential to become consuming addictions.
After that he lists several things that the world is falling trap too. But something that popped into my mind was: Negative Habits, repeated actions. We all have the bad habit of Not Sharing the Gospel. We all have it stuck in our minds that - Oh they are busy, Oh they look like they are set in their Faith or in their ways, Oh they smell funny, Oh they aren't into religious stuff, Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh NO. Justification to the Max! I myself am super guilty of this. I like to Justify my way out of things. Lots of things pop up that we think of: That I am just too busy to do certain things, I'm too tired to talk, I don't know that much about sharing the Gospel, I feel like an awko-taco talking about religion. It just never ends.
We need to pull ourselves together and make the determined effort that we want to and are going to share the Gospel. It's a bit frightening at first, but as soon as you do it. My goodness the joy that comes from doing it.
SO my challenge to you, all y'all, is to do an Experiment of Faith. The People that pop into mind, they can be members or nonmembers. Go and talk to them. Just Do It. Then tell me how it goes. Because
“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”
Go Fight Win! :D

Sister Karen Call
Hmm...I guess I only told you one really cool thing that happened this week... Oh well :)

"Hold family home evening every week. As parents, we are sometimes too intimidated to teach or testify to our children. I have been guilty of that in my own life. Our children need to have us share spiritual feelings with them and to teach and bear testimony to them."
~Robert D. Hales

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