Monday, August 4, 2014

West Virginia Finally!

Holla Familia!
I am here in the wonderful land of West Virginia! I have finally made it! Only here in Bridgeport they say it is much different then the Rest of West Virginia, and I'll just assume they are telling me the truth. West Virginia Mountain Mama! Where the men are manly and so are the women! haha Not really... but sort of.
It has been an interesting and crazy week! Sister Nielsen and I have been separated from each other. two opposite ends of the mission. It was fun and Crazy. We had been working like crazy to get everything in order and to get it ready for the Elders to move in. Elder Guthrie and his new Trainee. They are going to do great!
Well the 7 hour car drive Was AWESOME!!! I got to watch the sunrise and gradually raise into the sky. Transfer Meeting was really great to be at, if I could I would go to all of them, because you learn something at every single one of them. I got to meet my 'Sister' that Sister Richards will be training. Her name is Sister Johnson. She bore her testimony during the Meeting - I have a pretty legit Sister, she is going to do big things. haha. I said Hi to her and she just kinda looked at me funny. Course... I probably did that as well on my first day. Well... Actually I think I was falling asleep everywhere because of how tired I was. Anywho, Sister Richards and Sister Johnson are going to be bomb together. I still can't believe Sister Richards is Training right before she dies! It's so cool! It will probably definitely help her stay super focused for the rest of her mission.
Well, I guess I will tell you about My new area now. I am Now companions with Sister Curtis, she is pretty awesome, just sayin. She is from a family of 9... or 8... Anywho, She is taller than me! yay! haha. She has three nephews and three nieces. She is a super hard worker and it's awesome. She has only been here in Bridgeport for six weeks and she pretty much knows where everything is or she is really good at winging it. She has only 11 weeks left on her mission. So I might get the opportunity of killing her off on her mission if we stay companions for this transfer and the next. We will see. Then after she goes home I will be going home after the next 6 weeks. Holy COW! Where has all of the time gone! I only have 17 weeks left on my mission!?? 4 months... Moo.
Sister Whitaker and Shumway are our STL's. Our zone is pretty big again. Elder Hadfield and Ostler are the Zone Leaders. Elder Maufet (or Mafia) is our District Leader. and yeah. Sister Curtis and I share a ward with three other sets of Elders... how crazy is that! Two sets of missionaries to four sets.
A few hours after I arrived here in Bridgeport, Sister Curtis and I went and taught our first lesson together. I was tired out of my mind, but it was actually a really awesome lesson. Sister Curtis is awesome, she asks great questions, she states things simply and plainly. Ah I have so much to learn from her. We discovered that we teach pretty well together, so this transfer is going to be fun! we have lots of people to teach here in Bridgeport, which is nice. going from like 2 to 12 is a big jump. So far several of our investigators are pretty cool. We are waiting for a few of them to come home from vacation before I can meet them. But as soon as school starts everything will start to calm down and work out.
Fun thing of the week! I met my first Uber Drunk guy! He was soooo wasted. It was funny, Sister Curtis and I were going to go and try him because he was a Potential. Unfortunately, He and his fiance had a falling out the day before and she left. She just picked up and left him and his two kids. His kids are super cute too. It was really sad to see him in that state. It reminded me of the song Whiskey Lullaby, where he is trying to drink his pain away. It is hard to see people, where the only thing they have to turn to are drugs and alcohol or cigarettes. I have seen them ruin lives. I have seen them ruin families. As I have been out on my mission I have realized the blessings of living the Word of Wisdom. It isn't just something that the Prophet mentioned and said that it would be a good idea to follow. It's a commandment. It keeps not only our body in a healthy living condition, but it also keeps our families in a healthy relationship. The small and simple things do great things in our lives. The small things such as Prayer, and Scripture Study. Pondering about the things we learn. Repenting. Having a Change of Heart.
I was studying in Enos this morning. I was trying to get a better understanding of Prayer. I had just finished doing the evaluation in PMG about how my prayers are, and I have always been in a stupor of what the heck I am supposed to do to help my prayers become more effective. I still didn't get a firm answer, but I realized the pattern in Enos. It is a very powerful book. Definitely read it and apply it into your own life. for example:
vs 3. Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.
example: Behold, I went to work in West Virginia; and the words which I had often heard the Missionaries speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.
Pondering, Praying, Seeking, Believing, Improving not only our life but the lives of those around us.
We are all part of this great and marvelous work. We need to build a foundation in a sure place. On the Rock our Redeemer. Through Him all things are possible. We just need to have Faith and be Believing that all things are possible. We just need to take that first step of Faith. We have his words, we see the signs, we know the time is coming.
I hope you are all having a great week and that everyone is getting excited for school! YAY! haha Well I love you,
Sister Karen Call

Super Awesome Stairway
 Sister Nielsen loves her Disco Ball

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